CVB is a Full-service Private Investigations Agency.  We service the public, attorneys, private investigators, insurance companies and corporations nationwide with accurate and affordable Investigation and Information services.
Criminal Defense - As well as providing investigative services for private citizens, we provide investigative services for the Colorado Alternate Defense Counsel attorneys

   Standard investigations    $60.00 per man hour
   Per diem for out of town work     $600.00 per day (or any portion thereof)
   Minimum per case (1 hour)    $60.00
   OADC investigations         $33.00 per hour

Mileage    $.40 per mile
Photocopies    $.25 per copy
Photographs    $1.00 per standard print
Cellular/long distance charges    $1.00 per minute
Cassette tapes    $ 2.50 per tape
Videotapes    $ 3.00 per tape
All other expenses - copies of public records, postage, lodging, travel, meals, etc. are billed at actual cost and receipts will be provided if prior request is made.

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