About Us
In 1996, we set out to establish a firm that would change and improve on the way private investigations were conducted. Although there were some excellent investigators working in Colorado at the time, we felt we could live up to our name. (Colorado's Very Best)
Today numerous attorneys have employed the services of CVB Investigative Services. Many of Colorado's corporations and insurance companies have also used our services. And today our clients are just as likely to be your next door neighbor, as more and more individuals are turning to investigators to find the facts before making many of life's important decisions.
What's the secret to our success? I think it's because we have never strayed from our original mission. Our philosophy is simple, deliver honest, ethical, and accurate information, on time. That's it, nothing more and nothing less. Our investigators will conduct a professional investigation using the most up to date methods and equipment available. A report will be generated and  delivered to your home or office. So if having the most accurate and timely investigations conducted by the best trained personnel are important to you, call CVB Investigative Services.
Thanks for stopping by our web site. We appreciate your interest.

Our Code of Ethics
We at CVB each share a singular responsibility for maintaining the integrity and trust of the private investigators profession, in discharging this responsibility, we mutually pledge that:
   We will always perform our professional duties in accordance with the highest ethical and professional standards.
   We will concentrate our efforts toward the support, protection and defense of liberty and justice for all.
   We will observe strictly the precepts of truth, accuracy and prudence.
   We will respect and protect confidential and privileged information.
   We will promote programs and legislation designed to raise the standards, improve the efficiency and increase the effectiveness of the private investigation profession.
   We will work together toward the achievement of the professional objectives of the profession
We will strive to assist and work with other professionals

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